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    Too Much    Oregano

Will To Win

  The Great Chicago  Conspiracy Circus   

Larry's Big Day





Too Much Oregano


Ron House and Alan Shearman

Too Much Oregano

 A short film. Winner, Jury Prize, Cannes Film Festival

"An entrancing combination of operatic slapstick and cutting social comedy...A beautifully choreographed and acted comic disaster.  Leaving for the candy counter while this is on is strictly forbidden." 

Kenneth Turan,  California Magazine                                                                                                "Hilarious."    Jack Mathews, USA Today

 "Captivating."   New York Daily News 



David Ewing is Larry

 Award of Excellence - Videographer Awards

Larry's Big Day

  digital video comedy

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Jim Bearden and Carol Carrington

The Great Chicago Conspiracy Circus

    Available on DVD at or

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"Imaginatively fashioned, deftly acted, amusing, moving"   - The New York Times 

 "Devastating."      -  Washington Star 

"An often brilliant whirligig of burlesque, vaudeville, and straight documentary...a cutting hilarious parallel between events of the Chicago trial and the marvellous courtroom scenes in Alice in Wonderland."   - Newsweek        

"The most macabre and funny film since the Marx Brothers."   - Berlin Film Festival Magazine

"Topical, funny, and frightening." - Variety


Pali High Acting Troupe

Will To Win

79 minute documentary about the Southern California Shakespeare Festival.

IT'S ABOUT INTENSITY, ambition, love of creation, working together,  bonding, triumph, defeat,  and delight.  Itís about how well schools can work.  Itís  also about hormones.

Available on DVD or VHS at and

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 "Very entertaining... a great insight into young people getting excited by  Shakespeare."

 - The Royal Shakespeare Company,            Stratford-on-Avon, England

   "(the audience) really enjoyed it."

The Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington, D.C